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Industrial Design - Product development - 3D design - Production transition
Industrial design can be the unmistakable face of your company, which is mediated by your company policy or corporate philosophy to your customers. This will lead to a tailor-made design concept - from the first sketch, to the product that reflects the appearance of your company. Your product is the essence of your company. Good design ensures a competitive edge for your business. Our technical knowledge always leads to functional designed products.

Our company, founded 1980, offers design, graphic and photo services.
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But why design:
Your product is the essence of your company. But is the product according to the latest market requirements and the needs of your customers? Will the customers be satisfied in three or five years? What products do your customers need then?
Good Design:
Design is much more than just the attractive shape of a product. Good design ensures the ultimate competitive advantage for your company in a way that:

functionally correct, attractive products are created that represent a recognizable and accepted differentiation in an increasingly uniform market, for your customers;

all aspects of usability and safety of the product design are taken into account and realizable for your customers;

now and in the future it's becoming even more important that environmental aspects are supported both in the production and in the disposal of the product.
Production cost:
Good design also lowers the cost of production by:

considering manufacturing and assembly oriented design, taking the company's existing manufacturing and assembly facilities into account;

selection of functional adapted materials, many of which allow a cost-saving processing;

better utilization of existing resources through more sales.
Services since 1980:
Product Layout - Design
Product Development - Production Ready
Consultant for Industrial Design
Inventor Consulting - Development
3D - Construction
3D - rendering
3D - Animation
Consumer Products
Sports - Recreation Products
Vehicles - Special and Custom Designs
Building interior / Exterior Design
SolidWorks / Inventor - Demos - Training